Helping your people make better business decisions

Every business decision has a financial consequence, whether it be an operational issue or setting up a meeting with potential clients, but many managers and  SMEbusiness owners admit to being anxious about finance issues and making presentations. I offer a number of ways to improve the business awareness skills of your people and some of these are set out below. If your needs are different from these examples, just contact me for an alternative solution.

Finance For  Non Financial Managers
Many business owners and middle managers are making decisions everyday which impact the profitability of their company but they don't always realise how to monitor that impact and so how to make better decisions.  As a result they may make well intentioned but damaging decisions
My Solution
I offer a one day interactive course for business owners and operational managers  who need to know how to manage their bit of the money and how to interpret the financial reports they get back.  The course explains financial concepts, accounts, and jargon in everyday language, leaving participants better informed and their accountants relieved!
P.S. I have written a book which can be used to accompany this course.  More details here

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Business Acumen Training

You probably want your managers to learn about how business works, and see the links between strategy, finance, design, operations, marketing, HR and external relationships.  That involves practice.  But you can't afford to have them experimenting  and taking risks with your precious business whilst they are learning.  
My Solution
I offer 1, 2, and 3 day interactive programmes using powerful simulation software that allow participants to 'run' complete companies, experience the whole range of decisions, see the results and learn from their actions.  The marketplace is truly competitive and, during the longer programmes, participants have to bid for funds, manage increasingly demanding stakeholder expectations, react to crises, but still be accountable for theIr performance.  

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Pitching for New Business
Everyone is a brilliant salesperson - as long as they are the potential customer!  Many presentations and bids for new business fail simply due to the inability of the presenter to get onto the prospect's 'wavelength, instead believing that what appeals to them will automaticallyappeal to their audience.
My Solution
I offer a half day workshop for small business owners who want to turn more conversations into contracts, by understanding the impact of different personalities and approaches.  participants leave with greater self awareness, practical tools for designing compelling presentations and the flexibility to change tack as required to meet their prospects' needs.

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