Some of My Clients

Powys Health Board
Wales Quality Centre
Natural Resources Wales
Aditya Birla Group
Orange (now EE)
Cardiff University
NHS Wales 
British Red Cross
Thornbury Collection Services Ltd
Lille University
University of Gloucester
Social Care Consultants Ltd
Q Conference Centre
Public Health Wales
Centre for International Capacity Development
Pemrokeshire County Council
Cardiff Council
Four Elms Medical Centre
University of Bristol
April Simulations
University of Portsmouth
BroTaf Local Medical Committee
Radcliffe Publishing
Herefordshire College of Technology


“ A few months after meeting Andrew in 4N I attended ‘Influencing Skills – Getting On The Right Wavelength’. It was excellent – good content and well delivered. Whilst I was partly familiar with the subject it definitely made me think about my own activity/style and recognise areas for improvement. TY Mark Tomlinson – WPA
“ I have just attended Andrew’s ‘Personality and The Business Relationship’ Workshop and I can thoroughly recommend this to everyone. I have learnt so much and putting this into practise now adapting my communication skills in order to improve my delivery of promoting my service more effectively. Lynne Morgan – Business Wales
“ This course arrived for me at a time when I felt like giving up, however it has provided me with a range of tools and renewed energy to keep going and finish the task. Vital Signs programme participant
“ Thanks to you both for an educational 2 days. I learnt more about organisational culture today than in 5 years of studying for my MBA! It will really change my approach for my project. Leading By Example programme participant
“ If more managers would adopt some of the theories explored on this programme, the company would become more people and customer focused. Vital Signs programme participant
“ I recently attended one of Andrew’s seminars on how personality can affect a sale – I would recommend it to anyone who is in a sales role. But, in addition, it’s worthwhile to attend simply on a personal level – it certainly got me analysing myself and how I behave. Claire Davies – DEHOV
“ I attended Andrew’s [Personality and the Business Relationship] course recently and found it extremely beneficial. The course has amongst other things helped me streamline my conversations so the contents of what I ask and information I communicate is relevant to the other persons personality. Excellent! Liam Kelly – DH Logistics Services Ltd
“ I often felt like I was not getting my message across clearly, either to prospective clients or at networking events. I found myself waffling on with little confidence, often not answering the person’s questions properly. I decided to attend the Personality Workshop Andrew was running and I’m so glad I did. I found it helpful, useful, interesting and relevant. I applied what I had learnt on the course the next week at a meeting with a prospective client and it went far better than our first meeting. I felt more confident because my preparation this time was based on points I’d picked up at the workshop. Not only did I win the contract but I also learnt a new perspective on my own personality and am not so hard on myself anymore. People are just different. Thank you Andrew for a terrific course. Monica Biesenbach – No Problem PA
“ What this guy does is awesome, he has a process that enables you to profile your potential client to ensure they are receptive to your pitch. Magic !! Clive Williams – Sensible Debt Advice
“ I attended Andrew’s Personality Workshop to try and gain a better understanding of both staff and customers. Not only could I identify my own personality traits, it made me realise that we all work and communicate differently, this has helped me improve my way of working with others and whilst dealing with customers. Andrew is a very insightful trainer and has helped me realise that just because we do not all work in the same way we can all work together effectively putting our own skills to good use. I have noticed an improvement in my own customer service as I can now identify individual needs and the best way to sell my services to different people. Sian Davies – Garnish Cymru
“ It really opened my eyes into why people don’t get me and how to manipulate the conversation into where you want it to go, meaning a sale! One of the most useful course I have ever done. Steve White – Thornbury Collections
“ I recently attended OpenGround’s half day workshop on understanding personality types. It will make an immediate impact to my business as I am now able to understand how my personality affects those around me. I now tailor my communication approach to suit my customers and prospects to help them understand me better. The course was very well structured and delivered, and each delegate left with excellent refresher notes too. Highly recommended! Carmen Crocker – Heath Marketing