I have written or co-authored a range of books, most of which relate to my central mission of improving management.  The 'odd one out' is Horn Ok Please, an affectionate look back on my regular business trips to that city of contrasts, Mumbai.
Just scroll down for the full list and click on the author/publisher details to place an order.  As you scroll you will come across two books originally written for a healthcare management audience.  Fear not - the topics and skills they cover are relevant in all employment sectors and you may get fresh insights by seeing the practice of management from a different perspective.
MySimple Guide to Understanding Accounting for Small Businesses demystifies the financial language, concepts and company accounts that small business owners are likely to experience.  Armed with a greater understanding they can then have more productive and informed conversations with their accountant or bookkeeper.    
Andrew Scowcroft Onion Custard Publishing 2015

Aimed at those new to management, Essential Skills for Managing in Healthcare sets out practical approaches to be used when taking on a team, getting the best out of the different individuals within a team, introducing change, making presentations, managing meetings and preparing management reports.  The book is unashamedly positive about the contribution that good management can make to an organisation and argues that releasing the potential of staff in the workplace is one of the most important contributions leaders and managers can offer during their careers.
Andrew Price/Andrew Scowcroft Radcliffe 2010

A companion volume to "...Managing in Healthcare", Essential Skills for Influencing in Healthcare encourages the team leader to move beyond their day to day management tasks and consider how best to influence peers and colleagues in other parts of the system.  Drawing on tried and tested models of personality, organisational culture, self management and personal development, the book contains powerful ways of improving both formal and informal influencing skills.  In line with the title, it keeps personal integrity at its heart, arguing that a ruthless win/lose approach to influencing merely stores up future problems in the working relationship, problems that will quickly undermine any quick win secured at the time.  
This book is now essential course material for GP leadership training in Wales
Andrew Price/Andrew Scowcroft Radcliffe 2011

Horn OK Please is my first travelogue book and recounts some of the entertaining culture clashes I encounter on my regular business trips to Mumbai, the commercial capital of India.  Covering the people and their entrepreneurial spirit, the roads and the creative driving skills employed on them, the sea of humanity that confronts the traveller, and the assault on every sense, the book is intended to bring a wry smile to fellow travellers, celebrate some extraordinary people and perhaps encourage others to go and see for themselves.  The title comes from the wording painted on all commercial vehicles.  To find out why those words are thereā€¦. buy the book!
Andrew Scowcroft Onion Custard Publishing 2013

If your work involves making presentations, this e-book will help you become a confident presenter and will add an important skill to your management CV. My first book for Kindle users - Presenting with Confidence - sets out clearly, and with minimum fuss, the building blocks of effective and influential presentations, as well as providing practical hints and tips on everything from clearing the brief, planning, and  use of technology, right through to handling the nerves, the environment and those sneaky questions at the end.
Andrew Scowcroft Kindle/Amazon 2013