Your people deserve to be managed well at work. If they aren't, you don't deserve to benefit from their potential.
If you do want well managed staff, those people in leadership positions must be well prepared for those roles. We wouldn't let doctors, pilots or firemen work without training; so why should a profession like management be anydifferent?
I offer practical skills training and advice on the everyday challenges facing people managers, and a selection of my approaches are set out below.  If your needs are different from these examples, just contact me for an alternative solution.
Management Training Programmes
I deliver group training sessions lasting between 1 hour to 5 days, covering all aspects of people management, team leadership, communication, influencing and presentation skills.  
Each programme is custom designed and can either stand alone or dovetail with your existing training activity.
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One to One Skills Coaching

Some people can't, or won't join in with group training sessions but they might still need help with parts of their management role.  
I offer intensive, practical 1-1 sessions concentrating on how to deal with their pressing management issues - instant results, instant payoff.
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Team Development and Facilitation
Some teams work well.  Others don't.  For those  that do, I offer independent facilitation of time outs and away days to help them plan for the future.  
For those teams that aren't working well at present I offer supportive but focused workshops aimed at clarifying team objectives, building constructive relationships and improving  performance.                                  
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